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14 november 2013

About us

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Holland Lycra Party is a party especially for men that like lycra. At the party you are welcome to come together for socializing and meeting other men with the same interest in lycra. Everybody is respected at this party, and everything is discrete. The location is in COC Alkmaar (city center).


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the interior of the location?
The bar of COC Alkmaar is a nice relaxed place. It is divided in two areas. You enter the cafe area that includes a large bar, where you can sit down and order drinks. The other – second – area is the dancefloor area where there is an option to drop your bag with clothing and change. During the evening various photosessions take mostly place in the dance area.

What kind of lycra / spandex is welcome?
Everything: From nylon shorts, lycra cyclingclothing until the fullbody-suit. Also superhero-suitlover visit the party.

Is there a place where I change into other clothing?
You don’t have to wear lycra coming to the party. You can bring your clothing along in a bag. In the dancefloor area is a place where you can change.

What kind of lycragear do I have to own in order to visit?
As long as you are a fan of lycra – even if you don’t own much / any gear – you are welcome to visit. If you are curious but you don’t feel comfortable to wear lycra at the party you are welcome too. Our experience is that it is more fun if you wear gear though 🙂

What about photos that are taken during the party?
During the evening some people may want to take a few photos. They ask who wants to be in the picture. Gear photosessions are taking mostly in the dancing area, so you can stay at the bar if you don’t want to be in a picture. If we post photos (f.e. in our photo section), we make sure we blur out faces, if you don’t want to be recognized on the photos.

What kind of men are attracted to the Lycra Party?
A lot of different men come to the party each time. They vary in age, nationality, profession, looks. Since they share the interest in lycra, it is always a nice and social place to connect. You don’t have many places in real life around the world where you can socialize with people with the same gear interest. We’ve have visitors from: UK, Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Sweden.

Place to stay: Hotels and B&B’s?

A lot of different nationalities visit the HLP every time. If you don’t have a friend to stay with (yet) in The Netherlands and are looking for a B&B or hotel to spend the night, Alkmaar offers a lot of places. Check our page on Alkmaar’s B&Bs and Hotels.

Transportation ?  /  Location ? /  Partytimes ?
COC Alkmaar is located at the border of the old city center of Alkmaar. The city is easy to reach:
Train: 40 minutes from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, 30 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. It is a 20 minute walk from Alkmaar Central Station to the COC.
Car: use your navigation with address: Bierkade 14/a, Alkmaar. Parking can be done close to the location in a big parking garage.

The party is held twice a year on friday night from 21.00  hrs till 02.00 hrs ; exact dates will be announced on this site

What if I can’t find my question here?
Please contact us via email (see contact page) and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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